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Uncomfortably Comfortable Comfort


All church planters and missionaries dread the break up text or email. From: foundationalmemberofthechurch@gmail.comSubject: Can we grab coffee this week? It's rarely the case that a simple request for some artisan espresso or the casual invitation to sample the finest craft beer Chattanooga has to offer ends well for me. Typically, when I receive a text or email like th...

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Zoey & the Lost Boys of Chattanooga


"A 1-year-old baby girl is in critical condition after she was shot once"My heart is broken right now," said neighbor Cassandra Robinson. 'This little girl just had her first birthday in September. She's just starting to find out all the things she can do. But now she's laying up there [in the hospital] clinging for her life.'" "Last weekend was full of chaos, with back-a...

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Hospitality: Creating Space for Change to Take Place


This is gonna sound super awkward so feel free to cringe, giggle, or perhaps a little bit of both. Mamre. Imagine attending a church called Mamre. It's ok - laugh, be confused, or allow your mind to imagine going to church on Sunday where the name evoked an uncomfortable check-up for women. I'll explain the genius of that name in a moment, but first... Hospitality is not ...

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Holding Space


I was completing one of the required classes in becoming a Chattanooga Police Department Chaplain when the case manager from the local rape crisis center dropped an enlightenment bomb on my eardrums. Holding Space. Those words rang loudly my ears as soon as they left her lips. Admittedly, a little too loudly considering I daydreamed for quite a while after she said them. L...

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