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(Heavy 3/3) - A River of Blood(s) Threatens to Drown Us All


Violence is a generational epidemic. It is widespread, extensive, global, and indiscriminate. Many attempt to avoid prosecution but every single one of us is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Humans are by nature violent. Our hearts are turned in on themselves and the result is a violent disposition intent on preserving our preferences and pushing our systems of belief. Chri...

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(Heavy 2/3) - The Night I Wanted to Smoke Weed in the Projects with some Bloods


Yes, you read that correctly. I must admit something that no one ever seems to believe about me. I have never smoked weed. More often than not in my life I have been profiled as a stoner, pothead, hippie who loves his ganja, or any other descriptor of someone who admires the marijuana high. I've held a blunt in my hand, found buds in Berkeley thrift store clothing, and bee...

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Heavy (1/3) - The Chief of Police, a Pastor, and the Director of Public Safety


No, this is not the beginning of a joke, and no, the end of that phrase is not "walk into a bar." All joking aside it's been a heavy few weeks. Heavy. Really, it's the only word that seemed appropriate to accurately describe the moments, events, conversations, and ironies of recent activity. And it all started with some vinyl banners. Yeah, I know, I was surprised too. Th...

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You're closer than you think...


You're cold. Ice cold. Getting warmer No, now colder! You're getting warmer - hot, hot, en fuego! I remember playing the Hot or Coldgame as a kid. A step above I Spy it included a bit more mystery and intrigue for my taste. I remember hiding toys from my brother and sister then watching in delight as they tried to discover my ingenious hiding place. Sometimes, I would kee...

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