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Mercy is Polarizing


Do you want the mercy of God all to yourself? Yes? You are selfish. Stop pouting. Keep reading and consider this: Mercy is polarizing. *Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. The thought of mercy is sweet, but even more so is mercy itself. It is what all people hope for, but unfortunately, not what all people deserve. For while all people wish to receive...

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Remember that Time You Said "F*** this S***" to Your Pastor?


No? Didn't think so. It has probably never happened. My guess is you've never sworn at your pastor and your pastor has never been cussed out. Tuesday afternoon marked the third time I've been cussed out by a member of my congregation. At this point it's no longer shocking. Well, the first time wasn't either really. How did this happen you're wondering? What could possib...

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Happy New Year - My Christmas Sucked


[ DISCLAIMER ]This post is not an inspirational/motivational post about the urban grind of our mission here at Bridge City Community. I will not be sharing stories of success, epic life transformation, or even anecdotal testaments to our efforts. No, this is a lament. You know what I hate - what irritates me and inflames my cynicism more than anything else? When successf...

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