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Segregated Swimming Pools


Yesterday was the first official day of Spring. For many of us spring means busting out bathing suits and hitting the pool. If you're like my family, with the arrival of the first signs of warm weather and the promise of long summer days spent in the humid sun we sign the kids up for swimming lessons. As a child I fondly remember the breezy northern California summer heat ...

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Identity Crisis: Have we become what we swore never to be?


Occasionally I have an identity crisis. By me, I mean myself and Bridge City Community. I am acutely aware of my whiteness and tend to err on the side of self-consciousness when it comes to our reconciliation efforts. I have had numerous honestly transparent conversations with black friends who have allowed me to say some ignorantly raw things on the road to understanding....

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Are We Really So Ignorant?


Are we really so ignorant, so dense, that we need an animated children's movie to demonstrate systemic injustice and cyclical stereotypes of race and class? I thought I was just going to take my kids to a much anticipated Disney film but what I discovered was a poignant and provocative message aimed at the adults in the audience. Are you so ignorant? Are you so dense to c...

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