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What then is humility?


WHAT THEN IS HUMILITY?#TeacherAppreciationWeek #UnassumingAward #hospitality What then is humility? I hope I have an answer, or at least some insight, considering to walk humbly is in our mission statement at Bridge City. Great question... wish I would've come up with it but, alas, I didn't. Nathan, thank you. I could launch off on some Biblical exposition of humility. I ...

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Why Cash Advance Businesses Aren't All Bad


CASH ADVANCE The combination of those two words evokes a variety of reactions depending on who you are and where you come from. For some of you it is worse than dropping an F* Bomb, saying "Sh*t", or yelling 'Shut up!'. Perhaps a few of you are innocently ignorant of such establishments. Maybe, just maybe, you have utilized the unique services of businesses that offer pay...

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I am a child of God


LeBron Jordan. No, not Lebron James or Michael Jordan. LeBron Jordan. I met LeBron while taking a couple Covenant students, who are die hard BCC members, on a bus tour of the neighborhood. While driving around I rolled up on a former student at Calvin Donaldson who I mentored last year. Larry is in sixth grade but looks like a grown man. He sells dope, is usually high hims...

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Listen Up!


It didn't take long to realize that we would need a youth group. I know that sounds antiquated, "churchy," or even cumbersome to the vitality and energy of a brand new church. True, unless the majority of that church's most committed members are under the age of eighteen. Welcome to Bridge City Community! We average between 25-35 "unaccompanied minors" on Sunday mornings ...

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Let Freedom Ring


LET FREEDOM RING --a display of community an affirmation of education... The students were stoked, not because it was the last day of school before Christmas Break, but because that evening they would be participating in the 1st Annual Let Freedom Ring event. What was this magical evening you ask? Well... In Partnership with Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academ...

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Baptism, Bacon, and Incident Reports


BACON. Now that I've got your attention... It is a universal truth that bacon is delicious - even vegetarians, vegans, and PETA supporters secretly admit it. Bacon is amazing scrambled in eggs, lovingly folded into a velvety Mac Cheese, or just fried crisp and eaten alone in all of its glory. Aside from being restricted in Torah, anathema to Muslims, and potentially thr...

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"Why People Should Be Nice." [an open letter]


People should be nice together because you don't know what they been through and somebody in they family might be dead. The second thing you should be nice to people is how they look and talk and dress, and they go end up thinking you're bullying them then they go end up killing theirselves. Everyone would know because they always tryin to be funny when it not. Keorra is ...

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Changing Colors - Changing Communities


ONE YEAR AGOI walked into the South Chattanooga Rec Center arms piled high with retractable banners, boxes of stickers, info cards, and candy. It was National Night Out - the first community event that Bridge City Community was participating in. We were brand new. I was still a stranger to the center and it's staff. I didn't know the throngs of people moving past me in a ...

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