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LeBron Jordan. No, not Lebron James or Michael Jordan. LeBron Jordan. I met LeBron while taking a couple Covenant students, who are die hard BCC members, on a bus tour of the neighborhood. While driving around I rolled up on a former student at Calvin Donaldson who I mentored last year. Larry is in sixth grade but looks like a grown man. He sells dope, is usually high himself, frequently suspended from school, and generally up to no good.

On this not-so-Disney tour we pulled the bus over and gave Larry and LeBron a pizza leftover from lunch. I got on Larry to value his education and be safe, not sell drugs, yada yada blah blah blah (Yeah, I've become that guy...) then I introduce myself to LeBron. I invited him to Listen Up! that Thursday night, not expecting him to show up at all. Much to my surprise LeBron hopped of the bus into my driveway that Thursday night, excited to be there. Not to mention that was the night I promised a local delicacy for dinner - hot wings. LeBron came to church the following Sunday, then youth group again, then those same Covenant students showed me this drawing by LeBron from this past Sunday morning.

LeBron had never heard of BCC, seen the bus, or been to church, but here he is. Pray that we continue to see more LeBron's find the joy, excitement, community, justice, mercy, and humility that is Bridge City Community.

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