Josh Woodrow // Pastor

Putting up with his ridiculousness are his wife (Jenny), daughters (Harper & Rose), and sons (August & Silas).

As pastor of Bridge City Community, Josh is responsible for the direction and teaching of the church. He is a community organizer and co-facilitator of ARCC.

Mark Thomas // Youth Coordinator 

Bothered into working for Bridge City by the constant pressure applied by Pastor Josh, Mark is an integral member of the Southside and Bridge City Community.  Our children are an asset and valuable, future members of the community, which is why we seek to train them in the ways they should walk - of justice, mercy, and humility. He is a closet Duck Dynasty fan and thinks its awkward that Pastor Josh always wants to hug instead of dap.

Jon Berestecky & Sarah Marquez- Berestecky // Anti-Racism & Cultural Competency (ARCC) Facilitators

After discovering Bridge City Community via Google's searchbar Jon & Sarah moved their family from Fort Worth to Chattanooga to serve alongside Pastor Josh and Mark in South Chattanooga.  Sarah developed ARCC and is it's lead facilitator. Jon somehow can discover more about a person in five minutes that most human beings can in five years.

Nancy Allen // Kids Church

Nancy is an original member of the core group that launched Bridge City Community. From our first worship service Nancy has taught our kids about the love of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Not only that but Nancy continues to be a liason in the community and advocate among churches for BCC.

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