Bridge City Community is an intentionally multi-ethnic community of faith. We believe and proclaim that the Kingdom of God isn’t segregated, so our churches and communities shouldn’t be either. Racism, oppression, and inequity continue to exist amidst a renaissance of eco-tourism and entrepreneurship in Chattanooga.

We lament the suffering that surrounds us & proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. We pursue spiritual, racial, economic, and educational justice. We are multi-ethnic. We are grassroots and community oriented. We offend and have been offended. We ask for forgiveness and offer it. We speak out and walk the streets. We partner with organizations and community leaders. We seek beauty and practice hospitality. We organize and advocate. We are Bridge City Community.


Reconciliation matters! Here's how we pursue it:


We all fall short of meeting God's expectations.  Acknowledging this, our primary task is to share the Good News that reconciliation with God is possible through faith in Jesus. Join us for worship!


The Kingdom of God isn't segregated so our churches and communities shouldn't be either.  Reconciliation with God in Christ demands reconciliation with our neighbors. We are intentionally multi-ethnic so we regularly seek ways to develop cross-cultural relationships, heal from generational prejudice, and create a community where racial diversity is celebrated not avoided. Additionally, we facilitate ARCC (Anti-Racism & Cultural Competency Trainings) for churches, civic organizations, and non-profits to undermine toxic work and volunteer environments and make a broad impact on our racialized society.


Grassroots community organizing is necessary to impact systemic change. Bridge City Community was a founding member, and continues to be an active member organization of CALEB (Chattanoogans in Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence) that seeks Educational, Economic, and Criminal Justice reform in Chattanooga.

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