support //

Paul planted the first intentionally multiethnic communities of faith in places like Antioch and Ephesus.  He explored new cities, started churches, and developed sustainable relationships. The relationship the Apostle Paul developed with the Philippian church, in particular, included support of his ongoing ministry. They had compassion on their brethren in Jerusalem, who were poorer than they, and they deeply loved Paul and believed in the calling God gave him.  It wasn’t just Philippi that Paul appealed to.  Unlike the Philippians, the Corinthian church was wealthy. Paul exhorts them to recognize that their abundance is meant to meet the needs where others are lacking. In turn, when their day of need presents itself, they will be provided for by the abundance that others may have.  Like Paul, I am appealing to your generosity, and this not a modern innovation but an invitation to partner with us like the earliest churches supported one another.

prayer //

We believe that prayer is a necessary part of our journeys of faith.  It is a primary and direct method of conversing with God in which we can express our needs, desires, laments, blessings, and thanksgivings.  Prayer has been practiced in the church since the beginning of time and was intentionally instituted by God so that we could openly and freely communicate with him.  

Everyone has the freedom to pray and make their requests known before God, but if you don't feel comfortable praying by yourself, or would someone to pray for you we would love to stand with you and speak to God with you.

questions //

At Bridge City Community, we love to ask questions and provide safe space to challenge and to doubt.  We acknowledge that we don't have all the answers and walk humbly in search of God's truth as he reveals the mysteries of his Word in our lives.  We encourage questions and love to wrestle with the tough issues of life.  Ask away!

pastor //

If you would like to speak with Pastor Josh for any reason please click on the link above and send him an e-mail.  He wants to hear your heart, pray with you, or just hang out with a hot cup of coffee or a tall glass of sweet tea.